Hi, internet!

My Name is Jack Yuanwei Cheng and I am a third-year student at Brandeis University, Massachusetts. I am passionate about biology, science communication, journalism, and photography.

On this site, I have selected some highlights for each of my interests for y’all to explore!

I am passionate about science communication.

A strong curiosity for scientific discoveries motivated me to pursue a degree in Biology. I love speaking with scientists about their research, and I also recognize the importance of science communication, especially to the public. As a scientist-in-training, I would like to use my skills to create engaging and through-provoking science communication content for the public. I am pursuing a minor in Journalism. And, I am the photography editor at my school’s student newspaper – the Justice. These experiences have prepared me to explore science journalism as a career.

This is a newfound passion of mine, so I am still building my writing portfolio. But here is my attempt to explain my research to you.

My Education

I am majoring in biology at Brandeis University. And, I am an undergraduate researcher in the Rodal Lab working with fruit flies. Our project focuses on endosomal trafficking at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction.


Here are some of the photos I took for the Justice.


I love taking photos and sharing them with the world!

Film Making

I gained experience in lm production and audio recording from taking two years of lm classes. Here is a mini-film I wrote and produced.